I am a professional athlete. I was six when I took up sport. Now I am a national champion. From the very first day till now that I am 27, only my father knows that I am a professional judoka.

My father has never witnessed my joy when I win and even been by my side when I fail because he is not allowed to enter the hall. 

A national champion is always longing to be seen and praised. My friends and teammates have been involved in sports for years and try their best to win championship, but our rivals, referees and coaches are the only audiences who see our performance since many are not allowed to watch us fight on the mat in Iran and around the world.

I am waiting for the day when my brother and husband see me fight for sporting glory. I badly crave to embrace my father when I win a fight and allow him to wipe the tears of joy off my cheeks. Maybe my son will see firsthand how her mother fights to be crowned champion.