Some words are so familiar to us due to their most usage and some events due to their frequent occurrence are ordinary. Cancer, chemotherapy, torture, pain, poverty and the like, all these words didn’t used to exist much in our vocabulary range or they made sense when they were used with other words such as love suffering, separation pain, while some words never existed beforehand like chemotherapy.
“A bride with cancer” is one of those expressions which doesn’t hurt us any more in such modern life. Cancer is a new pest that has cancerous growth. Cancer as a disease is not only bad, but also it seems to be natural. Moreover it has been changed to a proper modifier for describing adversities.
Shortly before marriage, a girl knew that she had a cancer. This is a normal event too. No one never know how much she suffers, and also never understand how painful losing hair as a result of chemotherapy.
These pains are well-known in our life, but we should try to remove them from our daily life and defamiliarize them so that a bride with cancer can be understood again.  

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