Iranian fashion 2005-2009

Most restrictions In Iran are against women and the government laws are its main cause.
According to the social laws, women are not allowed to choose their own preferred clothes to appear in public places. In spite of these tough restrictions in recent years, women have tried to change their style and choose the color and style of their own clothes, but somehow according to social standards.
Among them, there are women who have begun to design, make dresses and display them in private shows.
These sorts of shows are often held in private societies without the presence of men. Also, all the staff including the director, Scenic Designers, make-up artists, photographers and camerapersons are all female.
Iran government did some activities about fashion and Islamic clothes 8 years ago, and some shows called “The Women of My Land” and “Hijab and Efaf” were held. However, todays these shows have been changed to the quiet and non-practical fashion and clothing exhibitions and markets for clothing manufacturers not dress designers.
Clothes designers have to show their new designs in private places for women only.
Comments and suggest as a cloths designer and the other one can see and recognize the appropriate models.
Thus these shows are utterly private and the organizers are not allowed to publish the news about such shows in the media. Moreover, men are not permitted to attend such shows.
Iranian women are struggling against all these restrictions until they get parts of their civil rights even in private places.
In these shows, hold especially on the threshold of a new Year, designers and seamstresses show their new designs by some hired fashion models on the cat walk.
In this project I try to show women’s endeavors that have been banned in their homeland and also their attempts to overcome their upcoming problems.

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